Bespoke Joinery Services in Brighton

Artista Renovations offers its customers tailor-made joinery solutions. The craftsmanship of our furniture systems brings together countless talents who are experts in the design field, development, production, and sale of high-quality products.

Sometimes, a ready-made product is not right for the job. This is where our bespoke joinery services come in.
Based in Brighton, East Sussex, Artista Renovations strives to set the highest standards of compliance based on the principles of legality, integrity, trust, and responsibility.

Our experienced team of craftsmen, carpenters, and joiners work with carefully selected high-quality custom carpentry solutions, including specialised and architectural elements for a wide range of applications.
We handle bespoke joinery projects for construction companies, developers, architects, and private customers across the country.

Why Choose Bespoke Joinery Over Mass Produced Pieces?

At Artista Bespoke Joinery, our custom-made joinery items provide you will a wide range of choices. 
Mass-produced furniture is always limited by the available sizes, colours and types, but with bespoke furniture, you have the opportunity to decide exactly what you want. You will have something that no one else has, a completely unique element that matches your home and personal preference.

Our experienced joiners work with a wide range of high-quality wood and will use the best combination of traditional techniques and modern technology to get the most beautiful furniture.
The quality of wood is always visible and brings with it the uniqueness that only real wood can create; each piece is different from the other.

When you choose mass-produced furniture, you choose products manufactured in large factories with materials from around the world. Some of these places use synthetic materials to preserve their wood, and this can leave a bad smell on the finished item, which can even be harmful to our health. Bespoke furniture, on the other hand, are made from properly sourced sustainable local materials.

Sectors We Cover

With more than 10 years of experience as a specialist in tailor-made joineries, Artista Renovations has been active in various industries:


At Artista Bespoke Joinery, we have what it takes to design and create your dream wood element for your home. Whether you want it in your living space, storage, or as an exterior feature, you can trust us to deliver.


At Artista Renovations, we understand the needs of the business and commercial sector and can create bespoke joinery solutions


The experts at Artista Renovations know how to develop and create bespoke joinery solutions for industries. These solutions are designed to withstand really heavy use and if properly managed, can last a long time.If you want bespoke joinery solutions for your factory or plant, get in touch today to talk with us about your project needs.Our carpentry projects can be found in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex.Check out some of our latest work on our product pages.

Our Custom Joinery Services

If you are looking for a local company to offer high-quality joinery solutions, you are on the right page. Our comprehensive offer of professionally designed, manufactured and supplied carpentry services includes:

Bespoke joinery design

At Artista, we are very careful when it comes to designing custom joinery. We work with our interior designers who are able to interpret and develop the customer’s order to create detailed technical drawings, before going ahead to create your custom masterpiece.
We can integrate your custom furniture with a completely designed scheme or provide it as a single, independent element. We not only work with our internal designer but also enjoy working with external interior designers, builders and architects.

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Bespoke Windows

Here, for Artista Renovations, we provide bespoke window carpentry services for our clients in various wood-based materials. We are able to source almost all types of styles and colours for every home. We also offer window repair and maintenance services for all your windows.
From orangeries and conservatories, sliding windows and exterior windows to large commercial tenders and special orders, we have the experience and attention to detail to make every vision a reality.

Bespoke Doors

Our external and internal doors are handmade from properly sourced wood and finished with fittings from Great Britain. At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, we understand that standard door frame sizes are not used in every home. Our tailor-made service means that you can find custom doors that match your home’s vision.
Whether you’re looking for interior doors not available in our collection or you need to customize your own doors for unique project designs, Artista Renovations can help.

Bespoke Staircases

Artista Renovations has what it takes to design, manufacture, and install beautifully tailored stairs that will transform your home.
We offer comprehensive services from the initial quote to design, production, installation, and customer service. Our experienced team of surveyors and installers will ensure that you will receive a solution that meets your needs.
Our goal is to provide perfection at every opportunity.

Bespoke Conservatories and Orangeries

A bespoke conservatory from Artista Renovations is a wonderful, stylish addition to any home; it provides more space and looks great.
Our conservatories/orangeries are made for your specific needs in our workshop in Brighton, East Sussex.

When choosing Artista Renovation of your conservatory, you are selecting a company that makes the best bespoke conservatories for residents in Brighton and Hove since 2010.
The finest FSC ® certified hardwoods and Accoya ® timber with state-of-the-art glazing systems are used in our conservatories.

Bespoke Kitchens

Artista Renovations’ production and assembly of bespoke kitchens offer a variety of aesthetic options you want to create in your home or business premises.
The finish and colour are your personal signature for your dream kitchen, and you and your home are reflected in the completed project. Taking into account all aspects of lighting and windows, cabinet furniture and appliance finishing, we work with you to achieve the shade depth and tailor-made finish synonymous with our product, giving you a unique result.

Our Guarantee

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Bespoke Flooring

At Artista Bespoke Joinery, custom-made floors are part of our speciality. For over 10 years, we have been providing specially designed floors to various clients in Brighton, East Sussex.
We go out of our way to interpret your vision so that at the end of the day, you will have the exact floor you have always envisaged. Our team of experienced craftsmen will lay the highest quality floors for you.envisaged. Our team of experienced craftsmen will lay the highest quality floors for you.

Bespoke Wardrobes

Artista Bespoke Joinery team are experts in wardrobes, vanity, consoles, and other joinery solutions. If you want to organize a wardrobe, our custom-made designs are for you. We will work with you to have all the shelves and space that you need. With our help, you can configure custom areas for shoes, clothes, and everything you may need.

We will show you the various options available depending on the size of your wardrobe. We have helped homeowners in Brighton and Hove in East Sussex, so we are looking forward to doing the same in your home.

Bespoke Furniture

Artista Bespoke Joinery team offers custom-made furniture and cabinets, from the concept to the assembly phase.After detailed discussions with our clients, we are able to implement and meet their individual requirements. At Artista Refurbishments, we have the skills and resources to see that your ideas are brought to life.We love challenges, so we will work hard to make it a reality, no matter how complicated or large your dream product may be. If you have a great idea for a piece of furniture, the first thing you need to do is to contact us. If you can, sending out any drawings, ideas or images you have will be helpful.

Bespoke Skirting and Architraves

If you need to match existing furniture in your home, need any designer skirting board that we don’t stock or even minor changes to our current designs, then we can help with our tailor-made service.
Only give us a small sample or drawing with precise measurements and we can create a 100% match for your specifications for a reasonable cost. 

At Artista Renovations, we provide various standard profiles, such as Ogee, Torus, and Bullnose. However, our experienced team of craftsmen can professionally create custom architraves that match custom profiles.of craftsmen can professionally create custom architraves that match custom profiles.

Bespoke Decking and Fencing

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Constructions supply and install high-quality decking boards and fencing panels, hard-wearing and durable, which given the right care and maintenance, can last a lifetime, while costing little to maintain.

Decking boards generally vary in width from 90mm to 145mm and have various thicknesses and lengths. Grooved style boards are the most frequently associated with decking, but smooth versions are also popular because of their real wood finish, showing off the wood’s natural aspects.

We provide and install standard and tailor-made panels for fencing; we can design and match your ideas and specifications, creating a feature that will enhance your garden’s look.
We can handle any joinery project you have in mind.

Why Choose Us?

We are constantly improving

At Artista, we work with some of the most prominent contractors, architects, developers, and designers, and we are committed to continuously improving our business joinery services to ensure customer satisfaction. While no two projects are the same, we are skilled craftsmen and are always able to deliver on schedule and within budget, even the most complex joinery requirements.

Find everything you need

Here at Artista renovations, you can really find everything you need. Whether you want to change your current design or you are planning a new home, we can provide you with architraves, skirting boards, window sills, plinth blocks, rosettes, door frames, picture rails, and dado rails for any design project.

We use the best equipment

Artista Renovations was founded in 2010; our factory in Brighton, East Sussex is equipped with the best machines available. We use the latest technology for joinery work and to produce special custom-made features for small or large projects.Our experienced team of craftsmen combines traditional skills with the latest technology to create high-quality woodwork on request.

We create beautiful bespoke joinery

Here at Artista Renovations, we are craftsmen who are talented experts in creating beautiful, custom-made joinery using only the highest quality wood.
With more than 50 years of combined experience, we combine our talent and design knowledge with traditional carpentry and modern methods to create fully customized joinery products in Brighton, East Sussex.

Made to measure

Artista Renovations can work with wooden elements according to your exact dimensions so that we provide a perfect fit and desired finish. You can always count on us to give you what you want when you want it.

It’s all in the detail

Artista Renovation offers professional and reliable services of comprehensive design and build, construction and installation of items for home improvement, whether for indoor use or for external areas, all perfectly completed to match your style and finish with beautiful and exquisite results.

Environmentally-friendly production

Since the beginning, operating responsibly and reducing the environmental impact of our furniture and joinery have been at the core of our business. It’s vital to our business, community and the planet’s future success.

The inherent responsibility to collect wood in a sustainable manner, and the desire to work with innovations as soon as they arise, allows us to work with some of the best suppliers and most sustainable practices that are possible in the industry.

At Artista Renovation, you can trust us to deliver on time and on budget. And where we notice that the project may cost more than originally planned, we will let you know on time.

How Much Does Bespoke Furniture Cost?

Artista Bespoke Joinery is known in East Sussex for its competitive pricing. However, because project costs are influenced by many factors, we suggest that you inform us about a budget you’re comfortable with so we immediately know what materials and fabrics to focus on.
Know that tight budgets are the norm, not the exception, so don’t be afraid to share them with us as soon as possible.

That said, custom-made furniture is more expensive than mass-produced furniture, but remember that it can last a lifetime, not just a few years.
Request a free, no-obligation quote today to know what your project will cost.

Contact Us

If you are looking for bespoke joinery professional in Brighton, East Sussex, Artista Building is the only company to call.

We’ll be more than happy to speak to you, so give us a call on 01273 257 224 or get a no-obligation quote by filling in our enquiry form, so we can get started.


What is bespoke joinery?
The bespoke joinery includes making personalized timber pieces to match individual needs. Bespoke joinery can include any wooden items that are specifically designed and manufactured. Many custom-made joinery pieces are designed to customize a building space. These can include built-in wardrobes, wardrobes, cabinets, and a range of creative storage solutions.

Bespoke joinery also includes structural timber products. These can be large-scale, such as tailor-made staircases and roofing framework, or smaller scale windows and doors, designed and manufactured to meet unique dimension requirements. Bespoke joinery is a highly skilled profession and blurs the lines between construction and art.

What does a joiner do?
Joiners work with wood on many different tasks and projects. They produce everything from wooden floorboards and skirting boards to doors, window frames, stairs to roof timbers.
What is the difference between a carpenter and a joiner?
Carpenters and joiners have many common features. A joiner is a trained craftsman who usually makes or joins wood in a workshop, while a carpenter works with wood on site.
Why use a joiner instead of purchasing a ready-made item?
Bespoke joinery is made to measure and fit perfectly in your property, it can, therefore, help you get the most out of what space you have, utilising every nook and cranny and maximising space to ensure that your home really works for you.
Do you have sample designs I can choose from?
In addition to the photos that we have available on this website, we have a sample portfolio of our previous work at our Brighton office.

During the consultation, we will take your idea and present examples of similar work that we have already done to narrow down the details. If you see a picture of built-in furniture that you think best suits your needs, we’ll be happy to see it so that we can start working immediately.

If we are to visit you at home, we also bring samples of different materials/colours so that we have a starting point for your project

Can I have wooden double-glazed windows?
Many people mistakenly believe that if you want double-glazed windows, the only option is uPVC, but most types of wooden windows can include double-glazed windows, including traditional vertical windows.

Because our windows are custom-made, we can also copy features from an existing style and use them in your design.

We have a few small jobs that need doing around the house, can you help?
No job is too big or too small. Contact us and one of our experienced teams will be happy to help you!
I am unsure of what I want – can you point me in the right direction?
We have over 10 years of experience in the carpentry industry. Our team has a lot of knowledge that will come in handy to create exactly what is right for you. If you are unsure of what you want, talk to one of our experienced carpenters today.
How long will it take to manufacture?
That depends on what you need. If they’re made-to-order or you’d like a few things, it could be 3-6 weeks from now. It also depends on our workload, so once we’ve spoken to you, we’ll keep you informed and give you a timeline.
Will I need to pay a deposit?
Yes. To cover the cost of the ordered supplies, products such as glass and new joinery.
Do you provide veneered skirting and architrave?
We offer a wide range of regular skirt and architrave profiles. These can be made from solid timber or covered with an MDF frame as a veneer. We offer an additional service tailored to meet the special needs of the customer for more specialized applications or to match existing profiles.
Do you offer a free quotation?
We can send you a fully trained specialist to assess, weigh, and address your shutter needs. This is a free and non-obligatory tour. Once we know your project requirements, we will give you a non-binding quote.

The surveyor is a fully qualified carpenter who is also going to fit your shutters when they are ready to fit. We don’t use any middleman/seller; that allows us to keep our costs very low, making us very competitive in the market.

Contact us now for an estimate.

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