Concrete Works Services in Brighton

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Constructions is one of the leading concrete works specialists in Brighton. We have more than 10 years of experience in all types of concrete work and have worked on a number of residential and commercial projects in Brighton.

From preparation of the concrete mix, concrete mix delivery, concrete formwork, and quality control of the concrete work to the laying of the foundation stone for residential buildings, to the construction of parapet, collar and retaining walls, and virtually any construction that involves concrete, Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is the company to call for concrete works in Brighton.

We have the ability to handle your request and deliver the concrete on time and on budget.

Our services

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Constructions provide a wide range of concrete solutions that cover the entire construction scope from the foundation to the substructure and superstructure. Our technical know-how encompasses all elements of precast and in-situ construction.

Our value-driven concrete solutions include:

Reinforced concrete work

As one of Brighton’s leading construction and building experts, we specialise in reinforced concrete work as part of general construction projects. In line with our value system, we strive to deliver high-quality services and solutions within the budget, on time and, above all, safely.

By focusing on high-quality workmanship and exceptional health and safety standards, we offer household customers a variety of first-class concrete structures. Regardless of the size of the project or the requirements, we are convinced that our experienced and highly qualified team can deliver the solution.

Concrete repair

Qualified and experienced personnel are required to repair concrete cracks and to ensure that the repair is carried out properly. At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Constructions, concrete repair is one of our core specialities and an integral part of many of our renovation projects.

By providing corrosion protection systems and surface protection coatings after concrete repairs, Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction has always offered a level of service in this discipline that meets and often exceeds our customers’ expectations. You can trust us to do the same for you.

Concrete formwork services

As one of the leading formwork companies in Brighton, we are known for providing the best concrete formwork solutions. We have a large team of trained craftsmen who have decades of experience in the construction of concrete formwork. These experts know how to handle the most complicated problems in order to find an immediate and permanent solution.

Building services

With over 50 combined years of experience, Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is an established building services contractor based in East Sussex. As part of our company’s speciality, we work for clients on all concrete works relating to building services. The company also delivers projects that require expertise in repairs and restoration work.

Retaining wall solutions

For cost-effective retaining wall solutions, choose Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Constructions. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, you can count on us to deliver the best retaining wall solutions for your construction project.

Retaining walls offer the advantage of increased usable space, which may not have been possible due to the location’s topography. At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction we strive to be the best in the industry and to offer you high quality retaining wall systems with professional and efficient service.

Our Guarantee

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Basement Construction

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction are professional builders and building contractor in Brighton. We are experts in basement and cellar renovation, basement underpinning, retro-fitting basements, new build basements and underground waterproofing for residential projects in the area.

Getting basements done right can be challenging, especially when it involves concrete and steel works. It is therefore important that you get a firm you can trust to deliver.

If you require any basement construction service in the East Sussex area, get in touch with us for expert solutions.

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Capping beams

The capping beam is a steel and concrete beam that connects all the piling, builds the foundation for the concrete slab and helps strengthens the earth and surrounding houses.

Our concrete department at Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Constructions are experts in capping beams systems. We have the skills, experience, and resources to properly handle capping beam projects of all sizes.

Precast Concrete Frames

Precast concrete frames are built before the actual construction begins and are transported to the project site for use. There are various types of precast concrete frames such as skeletal frame, H frame and portal frame.

In addition to our complete range of precast concrete solutions at Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Constructions, we have an unrivalled track record in design and construction projects that has seen us become a market leader in Brighton.

Concrete floor

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction covers all concrete floors, from precision laser concrete floors to outdoor courtyard slabs, screed concrete floors, suspended reinforcement slabs/ steel fibres, steel decks and high tolerance concrete floors.

All of our concrete floor experts have industry experience, with some having up 50 years combined years of experience in the concrete construction industry. With this in mind, you can be assured that whatever project we handle will be done with high-quality materials, and modern skills and techniques.

Concrete frames 

Brighton Builders has an industry recognition in the London area for providing exceptional concrete services. One of the reasons we are one of the top construction contractors of choice is that we provide the complete range of services necessary, from the start to the completion of a project.

Our team’s unique approach to service delivery is unique and highly personalised. We strive to satisfy the needs and expectation of our clients by paying attention and delivering on every single specification on a project. So, anytime you require concrete frames for your construction project, remember us at Brighton Builders.

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RC slab foundations

A slab foundation is a single layer of concrete several centimetres thick that forms the foundation for a building. In Brighton & Hove, Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Constructions have the resources, skills, and experience to provide RC slab foundation solutions. 

Our foundations will help you strengthen existing buildings or can serve as new foundations for all types of homes, commercial properties or buildings types. We can help you decide what sort of foundation is right for your construction project and our expert contractors will get the job done properly.

Ground beams and Pad foundations

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction manufactures project-specific ground beams for residential customers in Brighton, East Sussex. Our creative team is able to produce a variety of basic beam specifications along with a range of precast elements to meet our customers’ requirements. 

Precast concrete parts are an alternative to conventional foundations and are usually clamped between supporting pillars or foundations. Before assembly and delivery, our base frames are cast in our factory to the length specified in the construction drawings.

Strip foundations

Strip foundations consist of a continuous strip, usually concrete, built centrally under load-bearing walls. The continuous strip acts as a level base on which the load-bearing wall is built. When it comes to strip foundations for load-bearing projects in East Sussex, Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is the company to call.

We strive to carry out all foundation construction work for the customer in a way that saves time and budget. For concrete and foundation work, contact the specialists from 01273 257 224 or fill out the contact form to receive a free quote.

Raft Foundation

A raft foundation is essentially a concrete slab that is used to distribute the load from a structure over a large area. In most cases, a raft foundation covers the entire area of ​​the structure. Raft foundations should be used when column loads or other structural loads are close together.

Although raft foundations are often associated with commercial buildings, they can also be used in residential projects. They are generally cheaper and quicker to use than conventional foundations. 

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction uses this design for buildings that contain standard or reinforced basements. Our expertise in this area means that the weight of the structure is evenly distributed over the entire building area, giving you a steady and structurally sound building.

If you have a concrete-related project for your Brighton construction, get in touch with us on 01273 257 224 to talk about your project.

Why choose us

Our strength lies in the ability of our experienced team to design a solution that is tailored to the individual requirements of each project. We deliver high-quality concrete solutions on time and within the approved budget all the time.

We are flexible and work with our customers, which has helped us to achieve a high percentage of repeat orders in all industries, either directly with customers as the main contractor or as a specialized subcontractor.


Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is a multidisciplinary construction and groundwork company operating primarily in Brighton, East Sussex. The company’s area of ​​expertise includes demolition, earthworks, site preparation, reinforced concrete substructures, foundations and structures, hard and soft landscaping, as well as various external work.

Health and Safety

At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, we apply dedication and professionalism to every industrial floor we install. The same standards are used to ensure that the methods and materials used comply with the latest health and safety regulations and to ensure a safe working environment for all employees, customers and anyone on the project site.

Honest reliable

Integrity and fairness are the foundation of Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction’s business ethics, regardless of whether they are customers, suppliers or teammates. Honesty is not just the best, but the only policy.

The owners and employees of Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction work in the construction business because they love it. They are dedicated to each project and are very proud of the end product.

Experienced and Skilled

With a combined 50 years of experience as a specialist in concrete construction, we are quickly becoming one of the leading construction companies in the county, and in the UK construction industry as a whole.

Accredited Contractors

Here at Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, our fully qualified team is accredited by CHAS. Therefore, you can be sure that we will commit fully to delivering quality results on your building project.

Latest equipment

We have a comprehensive range of equipment and systems that we use to handle projects. Whether prefabricated, cast on-site, blocked, sprayed or reinforced, premixed or mixed on-site, we have the know-how and experience in the planning and installation of a large number of concrete structures and applications.

Building Regulations

In order to achieve a successful result, it is essential to get the basics of your building or extension right the first time. This applies not only to the type of foundation, but also to a number of other factors such as the distance to boundaries, the nature of the soil, adjacent structures, trees, drains and sewers.

All work we do is guaranteed to meet the building regulations in your area because we take care to work in line with the demands of the law.

Contact us as early as possible for expert advice and support to ensure that your project meets all relevant regulations so that you don’t have any nasty shocks in the future.

Contact us

Our experienced customer advisors remain your central point of contact and are always on the phone when you need advice and support. 

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction strives to offer its customers an optimal price/ performance ratio without compromising on the quality of our products and services delivery. If you need expert concrete work solutions in Brighton, call 01273 257 224 or to request a free quote today.

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What is concrete and its use?
Concrete is a composite material that mainly consists of Portland cement, water and aggregates (gravel, sand or rock). It is an important building material that is widely used in buildings, bridges, roads and dams. Its applications range from structural applications to floors, curbs, pipes and drains.
What is the difference between cement and concrete?
Although the terms cement and concrete are often used interchangeably, cement is actually a component of concrete. Concrete is a mixture of aggregates and paste. The aggregates are sand and gravel or crushed stone; the paste consists of water and Portland cement.
Why is concrete so important?
Concrete is an artificial stone-like material that is used in various building structures. It is very inexpensive and strong and essential for stability in any construction. It is also very easy to make and very versatile. You can use it by shaping it into the shapes you want.
What are the advantages of concrete?
Concrete is durable, low-maintenance and resistant to wind, water and fire. Because of its ability to store heat, it increases the energy efficiency of buildings and lowers heating/cooling costs. 
What is the lifespan of concrete?
The lifespan of concrete is between 50 to 100 years. 
Is concrete stronger than steel?
Concrete alone has one major disadvantage: it is extremely strong in compression but has little to no strength when tension occurs. Reinforced concrete with steel is far better than concrete or steel alone.
What can damage concrete?
Concrete can be damaged by fire, aggregate expansion, seawater, bacterial corrosion, calcium leaching, physical and chemical damage (through carbonation, chlorides, sulfates and undistilled water).
Can a concrete house burn down?
In contrast to wood, concrete does not burn. Unlike steel, it does not soften and bend. Concrete only decays when exposed to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit – much hotter than a typical house fire. 
Do concrete houses stay cool?
The thermal mass of the walls and the tight seals on the joints enable concrete houses to keep conditioned air in and extreme temperatures out. The narrow building envelope also means that concrete houses have fewer hot and cold zones and less drafts.
Are concrete floors environmentally friendly?
Concrete is among the most environmentally friendly building materials today. Made from abundant natural materials, it can help improve air quality, reduce waste, and even lower your heating bills.
Does concrete weaken over time?
Theoretically no. The hydration process that the Portland cement component goes through as the concrete cures slows down over time. However, a concrete mass can deteriorate to a small depth at its edges and at corners and other shaped surfaces. Slight flaking can occur.
What is the advantage of precast concrete parts?
The precast concrete construction has a longer lifespan and minimal maintenance. The high-density ready-mixed concrete is more resistant to acid attack, corrosion and impacts, reduces surface voids and resists the accumulation of dust.
Is the precast part cheaper?
Precast slabs were on average 23.22% cheaper than in-situ concrete structures and precast columns were 21.4% cheaper than in-situ concrete structures, especially for large-scale production
What is the difference between precast and in-situ concrete?
In-situ concrete, also called site-cast, is concrete that is cast, shaped and hardened on-site. On the other hand, precast concrete is shaped in a mould and then lifted in place. 
Is precast concrete sustainable?
Ready-mixed concrete is really a sustainable, environmentally friendly product. It is also extremely durable and uses an extremely low water-cement ratio. All these sustainable advantages mean that precast concrete products are selected as the primary materials in LEED-certified buildings.
When is it ideal to use raft foundations?
Raft foundations are suitable for buildings with a relatively small footprint and low load-bearing requirements. They are also suitable for basement structures where the foundation slab is under tension depending on the use of the building. Raft foundations can once again prove to be an excellent solution in locations with poor soil conditions or limited access for large excavation systems.
What weather conditions do you work in?
Our staff are a hardy group and can work in all weathers although if adverse conditions make the work unsafe or if will affect the quality we may decide to delay. If this is case, you will be kept informed.

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