Painting and Decorating Services in Brighton

Do you want to brighten a tired-looking room? Do you plan to completely renovate your house? At Artista Renovations, we offer high-quality paintings and decorations at great prices.Artista Renovations has the experience and skills to get the perfect painting and decoration result you’ll be proud of.

We are qualified decorators who use plaster, paint, gold leaf, polished plaster, and many other special finishes to create a unique, customised space for you.

We can create your dream look or help you with the right advice so that you can design your room to reach its full potential. We know about different materials and brands, so if you want Mortex walls or Farrow and Ball paint just ask us.

We are known for excellence throughout Brighton, East Sussex and we pride ourselves on delivering impressive results to our clients. Let our friendly decorators change the look of your property.

Residential Painting Decorating

Our professional team of craftsmen offers a comprehensive range of high-quality decoration and painting services in the domestic sector in Brighton, East Sussex. We are able to paint, install wallpapers, prepare surfaces for paint, remove old paint or wallpaper, and clean the surface.

We also work on floor coverings, which usually involve cleaning, painting and finishing wooden or tiled floors. Artista Renovations is able to offer its private customers a flexible service that adapts to their individual budget and schedule.

We are proud to offer reliable painting and decoration services and minimize any intrusion, irrespective of the type of project we undertake. We handle a wide range of wall surfaces, decorate ornate mouldings and apply special floor colours.

We ensure that all of our services are provided at the highest level, from the first preparation to the application of the final flawless coating.We value quality workmanship, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. We are always available for free and friendly advice.

Areas we cater to:

Our company caters to the following sectors:

Our Painting & Decorating Services

Artista Renovations provides a range of painting and decorating services for domestic clients in Brighton, East Sussex. We recognise the importance of completing work on time and delivering quality at reasonable prices. So you can rest assured that we are the perfect company of your choice.

Our painting and decorating services include:

Interior Painting

Interior painting and decoration cannot be compared to other standard painting jobs. You must, therefore, find a professional service provider who is familiar with lighting, decorative fittings, railings, windows, doors, and much more.

These services help you to choose the ideal paint types and colours, and at the same time, ensure that the room is completely cleaned up after the work is completed.Our interior painting and decorating specialists are thoroughly monitored and know the best methods and techniques to be used in any situation. You can trust them to provide the highest standard of service and professionalism.

Our Guarantee

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Exterior Painting 

We offer exterior painting for residential properties in Brighton, East Sussex. There is a difference between painting the interior of a property and the exterior of a property. The exterior is always exposed to the changing elements. So, the painting must be done in a way that makes it last as long as possible.

Thankfully, our expert exterior decoration team knows what they are about when painting the exterior of any property and can be counted on to deliver top-notch results.

Special Finishes

Artista Renovations offers high quality, professional, and decorative services, including traditional exterior and interior painting, decorative, spray and special finishes for residential customers in Brighton, East Sussex.

We are always happy to work with our clients and provide them with special finishes for their finished projects. We look forward to working with private customers, contractors, designers, architects, and builders to help them achieve their vision.

Feature Walls

Feature walls are a great addition to any home. You can be as daring and imaginative as you want when it comes to wall design, and we will plan, design, and create a wall of the object that fits perfectly into the interior of any room, regardless of its current style.


We not only paint, but we also install wallpapers, carry out window refreshing, and we can even help you attach window decorations. We offer these services for domestic customers in Brighton, East Sussex.We are known for high recommendations by satisfied customers regarding the durability and quality of wallpapering services.

Decorating Service

We provide a comprehensive decoration service that meets the highest quality standards in the industry. Whether it’s just a single room or an entire house, we take care of all the preparation, application, and finishing. All you have to do is enjoy the finished room.

Artista Renovations employs a large team of highly qualified, conscientious decorators who have experience in a vast range of decorating work.

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Coving and Cornices

Give style and sophistication to your property with stunning coving and cornices from Artista Renovations. When it comes to cornices, you have a wide range of eras to choose from. You can choose a Victorian coving or go back to Georgian times.

Regardless of the design requirements, you can talk to our team of experts to make the magic come true. We have a unique offer of ready-made cornices. We can also create custom corner profiles for your property.

Specialist Services

To make your property stand out from others, Artista Renovations offers specialised services that increase the attractiveness of your property.

Whether it’s special coatings, wall coverings, floor coverings or minor maintenance, you can rely on us for a lot more than just painting and decorating.

We have extensive experience in decorating properties and delivering specialised finishes for residential premises.

Why Choose Artista Renovations

We Have a Wealth of Experience Behind Us

We have been in the industry for more than a decade, and we have extensive experience in what we do. We have the qualifications and accreditations required to perform our work (including a comprehensive health and safety policy) and achieve impressive results.In Brighton, you will not find a more well-known and valued painter and decorator for all your painting and decorating needs.

Thanks to over 10 years of experience and an excellent selection of reviews, you can be sure that by using Artista Renovations you will have chosen a high-quality painter and decorator in Brighton to work on your property.

Reliable Services

Our company supplies the most reliable residential painting and decoration services at the lowest possible prices across Brighton. We discuss with clients and share our ideas. We pay attention to customer requirements and bring forward the most important concerns on time. As a result, we will create a comfortable atmosphere according to our customers’ preferences and budget.

Cost Accuracy

Every estimate is made accurately. There are no hidden costs. The accuracy of the estimate enables us to offer you the best quality workmanship currently available while maintaining our competitive advantage in the market.

100% Dedication 

Unlike many painters and decorators, we’re not going to leave the job half-done and go somewhere else for days or weeks. We always see our jobs to the end within the stipulated time frame.

We Work with Residential Clients

No matter what type of residential property you have, we can paint and decorate it for you. We’ve worked on all types and sizes of domestic property. Whether your home needs refreshing or you’re a property manager with fifty flats to paint, we can help you.


Our goal is to complete your project on time and on an agreed budget. We are transparent about pricing and our work ethic rules out hidden extras. We are also happy to help you get the best materials at retail prices.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

We offer quality painting and decorating for all types of interiors and exteriors across the domestic sector. Rediscover the appeal of your rooms with the interior decoration services we provide. Peerless painting, plastering, and wallpapering are all available.


At Artista Renovations, we understand the importance of your painting project —it is both an emotional and financial investment!

To protect your painting project, we give you a manufacturer guarantee of XXX years. Thanks to our warranty, your newly painted surfaces are protected against blistering, bubbling or cracking, which can be attributed to improper surface preparation and incorrect application of paint. Conditions apply, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

​Tidy and Unobtrusive

Every day we make sure to clean up after work, leaving your premises clean and properly taken care of. And when the job is finished, we take pains to clear up properly, thereby saving you the expenses of post-construction clean-up.

Areas We Cover

At Artista Renovations, we’re proud to be painters and decorators in Brighton who love to go a step further for our clients.We serve Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and the surrounding area in all painting and decorative projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact our kind and friendly team, even if you think you are outside our service area because we make exceptions for our clients to provide them with the best service.

Contact Us

Providing high-quality decorative solutions is our passion and we always try to exceed your expectations. We have the knowledge and experience to offer high-quality solutions for a stylish and cosy home.Contact a member of our team today for a free quote. We create free, no-obligation quotations and our clients often comment on the competitiveness of our prices. In addition, we are able to match like-for-like rates from other local companies and offer all our customers an excellent after-sales service.

Our team of interior painters is ready to discuss your decoration needs and answer questions. Call us at 01273 257 224 or send us an email to the


Why Should You Hire a Professional to Refresh Your Property’s Colours?
From time to time we feel the need to repaint our living room or bedroom. But doing it yourself and getting it right requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise.

Instead of tying up your valuable time and resources and risk a disastrous result, it is better to hire painting and decorating experts to do it for you. At Artista Decorations, we send qualified decorators who will be happy to help you revive the faded colours of your property with bold new colours.

Is There Anything I Need to do Before Painting or Decorating Starts?
It helps to clear the room of furniture and other objects as much as possible, as this will facilitate and speed up the work. 
Will You Clean up After You Have Finished?
Yes, we would. We are proud of the professional painting work we do. We want your space to be totally transformed after painting and decorating. Therefore, we take care during painting and decoration and make sure to properly clean up at the end of the project.
I Have Some Valuable Belongings in my Home, can You Ensure Nothing Will Go Missing?
Of course! As a small family business, our reputation means everything to us. Check out our fantastic customer reviews and rest assured that your personal belongings are safe and secure. Particularly as every one of our workers is thoroughly vetted.
Do You Work on Your Own or Do You Have a Team of Painters and Decorators?
Painters and decorators from Artista Renovations consist of a small, friendly team of competent and reliable craftsmen. We are able to perform the smallest works to complete residential renovation works at the highest level of quality, all by ourselves without external help.
Can I Be Sure the Painting and Decorating Work Will be of a Good Standard?
The Artista Renovations team is experienced, reliable, and has been working in the Brighton area for many years. You can, therefore, trust that every single aspect of our work will meet and even exceed your expectations.
What is the Best Paint to Use for Skirting Boards, Doors, Door Frames and Windows, etc.?
The choice of product often depends on the finish of the woodwork surface. If it has already been painted, there are basically three possible types of varnish: oil-based, water-based or a combination of two products known commercially as a hybrid.
Do You Offer a Guarantee?
Yes, we offer a XXX-month warranty that covers our work in both internal and external projects. However, please note that we can only guarantee the quality of our work. For this reason, our decorators recommend removing the existing paint as it can affect the durability of the new paint. If you do not follow this advice and stop using the existing paint and add a fresh coat of paint you will not be covered by our warranty.
I Don’t Know What Type of Paint I Need; Can You Help Me with That?
Yes, we will send a survey expert to consult with you and establish the best type of paint for your surface. You will then specify your colour requirements.
How Much Time Will the Service Take?
It depends on how many rooms you have to paint. Our specialists can estimate the duration of the service.
Are You Insured?
Yes, we hold public liability insurance for £XXXX. We treat your home as if it was our own with respect to your property and your belongings.
Will You Move and Replace my Furniture if Necessary?
Yes, we will provide this service to be as helpful as possible. We do, however, ask that rooms are cleared as much as possible prior to work starting.
What If I Am Unhappy with the Work?
Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We will solve all problems and expect you not to pay until you are satisfied with the work done.
What Are Some Other Services You Provide?
We offer everything from painting to wallpapering, plastering, rendering, masonry, and more. Regardless of whether you are installing a feature wall or you want to completely renovate and decorate, we have exactly what you are looking for.
How Do You Protect Furniture and Floors?
We use waterproof wraps to cover and protect furniture. We use self-adhesive, anti-slip covers or films to protect the carpets. For hard floors, we use special films and boards (depending on the type of project). We use floor panels to protect the floor when working on outdoor decoration projects.
Can I Get a Free Quote?
Sure! We will visit you to discuss your plans and requirements in more detail before we send you a free quote without obligation.

You Can Trust us to Deliver The Goods

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