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Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is a top regional construction company with offices in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. We design, build, restore and refurbish buildings in East Sussex, and along the South Coast of England. We have the experience and knowledge to handle any construction project that you may have, whether you want to build a new house from the ground up, add an extension to your home, build a conservatory or extend the basement, we are able to manage every aspect of the project, from design to construction and completion, remove the stress from our customers and give them the freedom to concentrate on other things.

What is design and build construction?

Design and build is a construction approach where the contractor carries out all the work, from design to construction, as well as finishing work.Design and build provides a single source of accountability for the customer, as we, as the builder and project managers, are responsible for all the building work and trades on the project. A single company handles all phases of the building contracts in design and build, such as subcontractors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers of materials, and ensures that the project is carried out and finished in compliance with the client’s terms and conditions.Artista’s Design and Build Construction process produces high-quality new builds, refurbishments, extensions and conversions for a wide variety of clients in East Sussex. We can design and build for both the residential and commercial sectors. Our trained and experienced trades and builders remain efficient throughout the building process. Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is committed to making construction and renovation of buildings as simple and professional as possible, from innovative design ideas to commissioning, building and handover.

What are the advantages of design and build construction?

Potential Cost Savings

Our design-build system reduces overall project costs because since our experts understand strategies that can be implemented to reduce construction costs, hence developing a less expensive design to build.

Quicker Delivery

Our designs and structures are completed efficiently as every step of the construction work is carried out according to the timeline for the project. This means that there are fewer or no delays regarding the completion of the project.

Higher Quality

Typically, the owners work closely with the design-builder to ensure that the project meets their expectations. This relationship ensures fewer communication gaps between customer and contractor, and fewer construction delays. The end result is a structure that meets and beats customer expectations.

Reduced Administrative Burden

The design-build process can also reduce the owner’s administration costs as all aspects of the project will be carried out by one construction company, with just one application, a contract award and a project contract to be administered.

Our Guarantee

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Design-Build Construction also:

  •  Reduces design time
  • Simplifies construction drawings
  • Minimises change orders
  • Customises the design to actual site conditions more easily

  •  Fast-tracks schedules
  • Identifies long lead items earlier
  •  Allows for the project to be repeated

If you are planning a design-build project in Brighton or anywhere in East Sussex, we would love to hear from you.

The projects we design and build

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is a trusted building contractor in Brighton and East Sussex. We specialize in general construction works, property refurbishments, conversions, and extensions. For over ten years, we have been providing professional design and build services in the area, covering everything from the beginning to the end of your project, including design and planning, approval and licences, as well as construction and interior decoration. Our team is ready to address your project in-depth and to provide you with a budget-friendly solution. 

Some of the design and build projects we handle in Brighton include:

Property refurbishment

Don’t like where you live?  Is there something in your home you would like to change or remove?  Or would you like to add a kitchen, extra bathrooms, a room in the basement or give your home an entirely new look?

Home renovation begins with the Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction design team. We will provide you with a realistic representation of our plan, as well as full technical documentation and a comprehensive quote. We can also create a tailor-made construction and renovation project for you that involves a combination of different methods so you have the house you’ve always dreamed of.

So, whether you need a transformed space, a property redesign or an expansion, our Artista design-build team, with years of professional experience and in-depth knowledge of all building businesses, is here for you.


Adding an extension to a house is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners seeking to maximise space. With fees and stamp duties to remember as well as the uncertainty involved with buying a new house and constantly rising property values, an extension can be seen as a more economical choice.

If you’re looking to expand, upgrade, or change your home structurally, the Artista design and construction team is here to assist you.

From garage extensions to conservatories, orangeries, porches, single-storey extension, two-storey extension, multi-storey extension and basement extensions to loft conversions, kitchen extension, bathroom extension, bedroom and living quarters extension, you can count on us to handle every stage of the project in a timely and professional manner. You can count on our design-build team to exceed your expectations from the initial meeting to the designs, getting the relevant approval, building and handing over.

Conservatories/ orangeries

While it might seem like a daunting task to design and build a conservatory–it doesn’t have to be. At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, we have the design and build team in place to manage the conservatory project from start to finish.

Our design-build service allows both conventional and contemporary conservatories to be built, resulting in a beautiful addition to any house. Whether you are updating a modern house or expanding a period home, Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Constructions will provide the same quality.

No matter what design requirements or look you want to achieve, our overall goal is to leave you with a well-designed conservatory that you can appreciate for years to come. It is equally important to create a seamless link between the interior of your home and the outdoor spaces we all appreciate.

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Loft conversion

Whether you are planning to add a dormer loft to create a new master bedroom suite or a study for your children, selecting the right company is the first step towards attaining your goal.

At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, we have considerable experience both in the design and construction of all forms of loft conversions. We are in the position to offer a complete design-build service that will carry the project from an idea to execution with little effort.

We have the expertise, knowledge and tools to manage numerous loft designs, including the renovation of a Velux loft, the conversion of a dormer loft, an L-shaped loft and a Mansard loft. Are you ready to discuss the type of loft conversion that would suit your home and budget? Please feel free to contact us.

Garage conversion

Don’t want to move but need more space? Why not turn your unused garage space with a cost-effective garage conversion into a practical, stylish room in your home? Our robust service will ensure that we can turn your garage into a perfect area that can be used in a variety of ways. Perhaps you’re thinking of a game room, an office or just a place to relax, whatever you want, we can do. Artista’s garage conversion team has extensive experience and knowledge which allows us to lead our customers in the right direction so that they get the most out of our service. With reliable and professional architects, we can help them put their ideas on paper and make use of their expertise and skills to make their garage a beautiful space. We get your drawings going with our in house architect, file for the relevant permits and approval (where needed) and completely handle everything from the design of the space to full build.

There are so many ways we can help you bring your dream home or office to reality. Once you come to us with your idea or requirement, our design and build team will get to work immediately, create a beautifully detailed design for your approval, and once gotten, commence the building phase.

And even if you already have plans or designs from elsewhere, we can work with what you have to give you what you want.

Why choose Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction for your design and build project?

We deliver

Our highly qualified and experienced team takes pride in its ability to improve the entire construction process. From innovative design solutions to successful commissioning, the team strives to ensure that building delivery is uncomplicated and enjoyable.

We take responsibility

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is responsible for all design and structural matters, including material specifications and compliance with all operational requirements. From the moment we take over the contract, we take full responsibility for providing the necessary legal permits, to obtain planning permission, as well as organising the construction process.

We create lasting relationships

All our activities are done in a transparent and good-natured way. We have built numerous long-term relationships with our clients in this manner and are proud of the resulting repeat business.

This loyalty also applies to our network of construction suppliers and subcontractors with whom we have been working for over a decade.

Our Portfolio

We are committed

At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction in Brighton and Hove, we want to help our clients understand each stage of their construction project. To ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our work, we use high-quality building materials from the best sources. We also guarantee high-quality construction services, from planning to implementation at competitive prices, without prejudice to our high standards. You can be sure that we will build your property perfectly within the agreed budget.

We are health, safety, and environmentally conscious

At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, we take all necessary safety measures on construction sites to avoid accidents and reduce construction risk. For us, this is an important aspect of building construction. We are constantly implementing, improving and evaluating our accredited OHSAS 18001 security management system, and at the same time, we implement our safety policy through our integrated quality, safety and environmental protection management system. We are also aware of the environment. For this reason, we use building materials that have been appropriately sourced and acquired. We also strive to build projects and techniques that reduce waste and maximise resources. By choosing our design and build service, you choose building contractors that you can trust.

Let’s talk about your project

Would you like to design and build a new building? Do you have any questions about construction projects? At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction in Brighton and Hove, we serve our construction clients in East Sussex and elsewhere in the UK efficiently and effectively. Our reliable, experienced and competent builders and craftsmen ensure that the quality of our work is always excellent, and we have the right team of project managers to guide you through your project and provide the best solutions for every challenge. We assure you that you will receive a great facility that suits your needs, according to your budget and schedule. Contact us here or call 01273 257 224 to discuss your project requirements.


What does design and construction “design/build” mean?
A build project, also known as a single source or design/ build, is a project implementation method in which one entity, a design and build team, works with the homeowner to provide comprehensive design and construction services.

Design-build is an alternative to design-bid-build, in which the design and construction phases of a building construction or a remodelling project are divided, and separate contractors perform separate work on the basis of separate contracts.

Is Design-Build Construction the best option for my project?
Design and build can be used in a wide range of construction projects and in different industries.

The scope of the project ranges from small residential buildings to large public schools and urban renewal. At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, we offer design and build services to individual and commercial clients in Brighton.

What is design-build vs design bid build?
In the design and build method, the owner often involves one entity, the design-builder, to design and build under one contract. The design-bid-build is the most traditional process in the construction industry, in which the owner signs a separate contract with the designer and contractor.
Is design-build more expensive?
In many cases, design-building is, in reality, more cost-effective than conventional project execution. This is because the budget for the project is established early in the process and managed continually through a fully collaborative process.
What are the potential disadvantages for the owner?
Design build requires discipline on the part of the project owner or client to make decisions early in the process and create the framework for delivering a successful project. Customers who want to be involved in the detailed planning and the entire construction process will have difficulties adjusting to the design-build system.
Who actually performs the work?
We have every resource you need to make your dream come true.

In our 10 years of stellar construction services in Brighton, we have been successful, thanks to our team of professionals. From architectural planning to the builders and contractors who carry out the construction, we are your only source for experts and a single point of contact for every detail.

Can you help with the design, plans, and permits for my project?
Every detail and task of your project is carried out and managed by members of your team at Artista Design/ Build. Architectural design, blueprints, permits and all planning permission are among the services we offer. We are a full-service construction company that plans, designs and builds almost all types of residential and construction projects.
What does design-bid-build mean?
Design-bid-build, also known as a design tender, a traditional method or a hard bid, is a project delivery method in which the agency or owner signs separate contracts to plan and build a project.
How do you determine project costs?
We work closely with you to understand your project requirements and set priorities for your design. We will then set up a cost estimate for your project. With this estimate, you can weigh both your design requirements and finishing, taking into account your budget.
How much will it cost?
We will assist you in drawing up a pocket-friendly budget. In fact, early in our talks, we will come up with a tentative budget estimate since we would like you to have the best return on investment.
How can I choose the best design and build company in Brighton?
If you are building your house from scratch, you should hire a company that has specialises in new buildings and extensions, not conversions. You will work very closely with your contractor for a few months, it is therefore essential to select a qualified person or company with whom you can work honestly and comfortably.

Also make sure that they offer you a detailed and clear work scope with a detailed price list. A time frame is also recommended to manage expectations. All change orders must be signed in writing before the scope of work is changed. All work must be carried out according to plan unless you request a revision.

Remember that hiring an unlicensed contractor is illegal. Therefore, check whether your contractor has an active licence and employee compensation (if he has employees).

At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, we have all state and national planning and building permits as well as numerous industry certifications. We are also fully insured.

If you need answers to further questions about our design and construction services in Brighton, call 01273 257 224.

You can also go to our Brighton and Hove offices to speak to one of our construction and construction experts.

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