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Do you need expert plasterers for your home or office in Brighton, East Sussex? Call Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction at 01273 257 224.

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is a local company that offers both modern and traditional plastering techniques. We are not only top plastering professionals, but can also take on all construction and development work including floor and loft conversion as well as complete house renovations.

We’ve been handling plastering projects in the region for over 10 years, so we have the expertise and experience to handle any project. We are reliable, clean, neat and honest tradespeople and always work with clients to give them what they want. 

Our fully qualified plasterers have many years of experience and training in all work types and are accredited and approved by some of the big names in the construction industry.

Our rates are very competitive and our work is FULLY GUARANTEED.

Plastering Services We Offer

Internal External Rendering 

If you need a reliable local Brighton plasterer you can trust, you’ve come to the right place.

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is a competent plastering company that was founded 10 years ago and provides different types of top quality plastering services, including interior and exterior plastering, decorative interior painting, special plastering systems, acrylic and structural plasters as well as external walls rendering.


Our decorative plaster cornice gives style and elegance to any room. Plaster cornice, also called coving, is a special shape that covers the connection between the wall and ceiling and forms a decorative band around the top of the room.

We have more than 10 years of industry experience, which makes the ideal team to handle your coving project. Regardless of the size and scope of work, we can get the project done on time and within budget.

Our team of plasterers has a combined experience of 50 years and the skills necessary to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standards.

Our Guarantee

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Damp Proofing 

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is highly regarded in the repair and renovations industry. We engage in special damp and timber surveys in Brighton and provide expert advice and instructions on the best solutions for moisture, condensation, dry rot, wet rot and wood decay.

Our house plastering and damp proofing services are available to homeowners, landlords, business owners and building contractors in the Brighton area. 

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Dot Dab

A dot and dab wall also known as a dry-lined wall is where, by using dabs of adhesive or wooden battens, plasterboard is attached to a solid brick or block the inner skin of a cavity wall (or, in some cases, a solid wall). This creates a slight gap between the plasterboard and the wall.

This is one of the most common methods of applying plasterboard to a wall and our qualified craftsmen have more than 50 years of combined industry experience in this department, and deliver excellent projects on time and within budget. 


Traditionally, floor screed is a mixture of hard sand and cement combined in a ratio of 3 to 5 parts of sand and 1-part cement depending on the requirements.

At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Constructions, we specialize in screeding, plastering, dry lining and rendering of floors. Our skilled tradespeople have over 50 years of combined industry experience, and can efficiently handle screeding projects to the highest absolute standard.

We also carry out free Brighton-wide site surveys and useful guidance on floor inspection, underfloor heating, plastering and rendering work.

Plaster Boarding

Plasterboarding involves fixing plasterboard to walls, masonry, and stone. This is used to give the interior of the house an overall aesthetic look, hide unattractive walls, and protect the structure. 

We provide complete plasterboarding service at Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, from fastening to battens, dot and dab on walls, and overboard ceilings. We have an experienced and versatile team that can successfully handle plaster boarding for your Brighton project, on time and within your budget.

Floor Wall Tiling

At Artista Buildings, we are experts in floor and wall tiling. We can carry out new installation or repair of tiles for clients in Brighton. The tiles can be installed anywhere in your house – including kitchens, toilets, and living spaces. Whether you need floor tiles, outdoor tiles or special wall tiling, Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction does everything.

We are experts in the selection of tiles to fit all wall and floor requirements. 


Dry lining is a simple and cost-effective way to coat internal walls or ceilings, providing a smooth surface that is ready to be painted. As highly regarded building services solutions provider for the commercial and domestic sectors in Brighton, we give our customers first-class dry lining services here at Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction.

Drylining is known for its fast and relatively clean application compared to the two-coat plaster systems equivalent, and our experts can give you first-class results.

Internal Wall Plastering

If you don’t like the state of your internal walls or have a new project that requires internal wall plastering, get in touch with us today.

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction are experts in internal wall plastering and can deliver high-quality plastering solutions in Brighton. 

Skimming and Re-skimming

Skimming is a plastering process involving the use of a thin layer on walls to create the smooth surface required for painting or decoration. Either the skim plaster is added to the current plaster finish, or plasterboard is sealed. The ‘ perfect skimmed finish ‘ is not easy to achieve but requires a trained professional with years of plastering experience.

We are proud of our ability to meet the needs of the clients each and every time and we are sure that we can surpass your expectations with our over 50 years of combined experience in plastering, rendering and customer satisfaction.

Insurance Repair Work

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction also undertake insurance work for clients in the Brighton area. When you choose Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction for your insurance repair work, you can have total peace of mind knowing that the project is handled by experienced professionals.

Plaster Patching

It is very common for small cracks to appear in the plaster as the buildings settle but our handymen are experts in making them disappear. We also do minor re-plaster projects, such as covering up damage caused by moving furniture, removed frames and light switches, and so on..


Artista Plaster Services are experts in the restoration, repair and production of all types of decorative and traditional plaster. We have a comprehensive collection of Fibrous Plaster Cornice Moldings to suit your home or building project. We can also recreate from your broken piece and provide you with the result you require.

Plaster Over Artex

At Artista Buildings, we also specialise in plastering over Artex. You don’t have to remove the artex in your home as we can seamlessly plaster over it to give your home a new look and feel. 

There are several different methods for plastering over Artex, and our expert craftsmen are familiar with all the methods. They are innovative and creative, so you can count on us to get the results you desire. 

Why Choose Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction?

We offer quality guarantees

Our primary mission as a highly rated plastering company is to raise the standards of plastering in Brighton by ensuring that each and every customer receives the best quality finishes for their project. We offer quality assurances that give our customers complete rest of mind, knowing that they have chosen a reputable local business.

Top-rate service

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction is dedicated to first-rate service and quality workmanship, and has set the standard for plastering in the area. Our team is friendly, reliable, and highly competent, delivering exceptional tailor-made plastering services to customers in Brighton, East Sussex.

Not only do you get a skilled dealer with our Plastering services, but you also get an honest experienced builder for your building needs.

Trusted by many clients

We have acquired a reputation over the years for being a trusted plastering company. You can choose us for our high standard of workmanship and reliable services if you are looking for reputable plasterers for your home or commercial project.

Superior quality products

For all our work, we only use superior quality products. Our services are available for residential and commercial projects in Brighton, East Sussex and for other building contracts.

Over a decade of experience

Artista Builder provides plastering, roughcasting, damp proofing, specialized rendering systems, and related repair work across Brighton and the surrounding region. With 10 years of experience in the plastering industry, we have both the skills, techniques and resources to handle a full range of plastering services.

We provide honest advice

We are never pushy and believe in fact-based, frank, informative advice. Our main goal is to ensure that every client is happy to give us a 5-star rating. You can read reviews on our Testimonials page. We give free quotes. To discuss your plastering idea, please contact our team today.

Peace of mind

With every work done, we promise to create minimal disturbance for you in your home or workplace. We are friendly, courteous, and deliver work in a professional manner. All our services are backed by guarantees so you can have total peace of mind knowing that we will deliver top-notch results.

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Health and safety

Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction’ policy is to follow all health safety legislation, laws, regulations, codes of practice and other guidance.
This is why our work sites are the safest in the area.  We always strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment, including equipment and work systems that are safe and secure. When working on-site, all our plasterers and dryliners will protect themselves from hazards with unique protective equipment, such as masks, ladder-fitting shoes, and protective eyewear designed to block airborne particles and floating plaster pieces.

Get In Touch

Our plastering contractors are always glad to respond directly to all your questions and provide transparent details outlining precisely what your project needs. 

Reach us via our contact page or call our Brighton-based office directly on 01273 257 224.


What is internal plastering?
Internal plastering is when the exposed interior walls are covered with dense cement-sand or gypsum cover. If the same is done on the outside, it’s called external plastering.
What is the purpose of plastering?
Plastering is used to protect the interior walls from damage. It can also be used for finishing or decorative purposes, so that the brickwork is not exposed. 
What are the advantages of plastering?
A plaster coating, when properly mixed and applied, creates a stronger and more durable wall finish than the drywall. The chemical reaction that occurs when water evaporates out of the mixture of plaster develops strong bonds within the mix. In most cases, plaster is more resistant to dents.
How soon can you tile after plastering?
Ideally, we leave new plaster (bonding plus finish) to dry for at least four weeks before tiling. Dot and dab plasterboard can be tiled with a plaster skim in 24/36 hours. If we don’t skim the plasterboard we can prime it with an acrylic primer like BAL APD or SBR, then tile it immediately.
How long does plastering take?
Depending on the size of the room the average time to complete the job is between one to three days.
How long does it take plaster to dry out?
For average, plasterboard takes 2-3 days to dry when plastered, while plaster backup takes 4-6 days. It’s advisable to wait at least a week before painting new plaster, no matter what material you have used. Sometimes the fresh plaster might even take up to a month to be completely dry.
Can you plaster over wallpaper?
It is not recommended that you plaster over wallpaper. The first step would be to remove the wallpaper and then potentially correct any major damages to the wall and finally plaster the whole lot with 2 coats.
What preparation do I need to do before you arrive?
Please ensure that every piece of furniture is removed, and also ensure that we have access to the work area by means of a clear path.
How messy is plastering, are you going to create a mess in my house?
One of the things that Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction prides itself on is its cleanliness. All work areas will be sheeted, and when done, the plastered area will be left the same as before we began. All plaster mixing is performed in a designated area, plastic-covered, and boarded out.
How much does it cost to plaster a room UK?
You should be looking to pay around £ 250 for a small room. A medium room is expected to cost about £ 300 and a large room will set you back about £ 400. Depending on the size of the room the average time to complete the job is between one to three days.
Is plaster more expensive than drywall?
The cheaper option is drywall. Due to the thinner drywall panels than plaster walls, drywall as sound barriers are not effective. However, drywall offers a variety of isolation options, making it a more energy-efficient wall option.
What is the difference between plaster and drywall?
Plaster is a much older wall system than drywall construction. Installation with drywall is not as labour intensive as plastering. This means that it is not as expensive to put up drywall as plaster walls. When it sets up, the plaster walls have a much more durable finish than the drywall.
What is plaster skimming?
Skimming means using finishing plaster to create a smooth finish for painting or wallpapering, either on new plasterboard or over existing walls or ceilings.
Why is my plaster falling off the walls?
In general, damage to traditionally plastered walls occurs as cracks, missing chunks or damaged corners, while plasterboard damage is usually limited to holes. Skimmed plasterboard can create hairline cracks, too. Stripping off the wallpaper is one of the most common causes of damage.
Are cracks in plaster walls normal?
Horizontal and vertical cracks in drywall or walls of plaster usually indicate drying and shrinkage, which is natural following construction. Jagged breaks, step-by-step breaks and 45-degree angle cracks generally mean structural movement.
Is plaster dust toxic?
Traditional plaster is mostly based on gypsum, not a dangerous material by itself. Nevertheless, dust of all kinds can damage health and plastering can produce amounts of dust that may lead to health problems if not properly managed.
Is plaster more soundproof than drywall?
Plaster is more resistant to sound but typically drywall means better insulation. As with most work on plaster walls, retrofitting original plaster walls with insulation will prove challenging and still give less energy-efficient payoff than isolated drywall.
Is it OK to insulate interior walls?
Insulating internal walls is not so popular, although it provides energy-efficient and sound-damping advantages for homeowners. The best time to insulate all walls is during new construction, but the existing walls can be insulated without tearing the drywall.
What insulation is best for interior walls?
Rigid boards work best with a vapour barrier on exterior walls. The interior walls may be enclosed with fibreglass batts, foam or cellulose. The floors are the third area which needs proper insulation.
Are you insured?
Sure, we have public liability insurance, so when our team works in your house, you’ll have true peace of mind.
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