Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction offers all types of construction work in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. We are a rapidly growing company with the ability to fulfil customer expectations. At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, we have always strived to meet the needs of customers. 

We create a detailed quote of project costs, including materials and labour. At Clifton Hill and Montpelier Builders & Construction, we’re open to prices, and our work ethic doesn’t allow us to include hidden extras. We are pleased to help you get the best materials at retail prices. 

We create free, no-obligation quotes, and our clients often comment on the competitiveness of our prices. In addition, we are able to offer comparable offers from other local companies and offer all our customers an excellent after-sales service. 

No matter the size of your project – big or small – we’re the solution for your construction project. Thanks to our knowledge and close communication with the client, we perform the task every time at the best prices.

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From directors to employees on-site, we strive for perfect quality in all we do. Regardless of the size of the project or the type of work, our approach is the same. We look for the most efficient solutions, we minimise costs and commit ourselves to the timely delivery of our products and services to our clients. 

Owing to the large volume of work our company deals with, we are able to provide well-trained employees from various fields, which leads to large economies of scale that can be transferred to our potential customers. 

This ensures that we provide high-quality and affordable products and services that will certainly exceed expectations. For a free offer or inquiry, please complete our short feedback form or, send an email and we will contact you shortly, or call XXX.

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